Think American. 

Think Green. 


When you buy EZ-ACCESS RAMPS, you can rest assured that you have done your part in helping your country and environment, and we will continue to do ours.

Made in the USA: We are proud to offer ramps that are American made, by Americans — sustaining American jobs.

Environmentally Friendly: Our modular and portable ramps are made of aluminum. Unlike wood that may be treated with toxic chemicals or steel that is subject to rust and decay, aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance and is environmentally friendly. Additionally, not only is aluminum recyclable in the traditional way, EZ-ACCESS Modular ramps can be easily expanded, moved, or reconfigured if needed, giving them an even longer life cycle

We are committed to providing easy access to everyone,anytime,anywhere. At Ramps and More we take pride in improving your loved ones quality of life through safe and easy access.