Portable CPAP Stand $69.00

  • Light weight and portable
  • Easy to carry along when traveling
  • Assembles and disassembles in 5 minutes
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent Pending

Tube Support

  • Supports tubing improving mask comfort and seal
  • Reduces pull on the mask
  • Reduces tangling of PAP tubing
  • Decreases condensation in tubing
  • Swivels for proper positioning of tubing
  • Easily removed when not in use
  • Made in USA
  • Patent Pending

Demensions of stand

Top 16″x16″

Height 24″

Width of base 24″x24″


I had been looking and trying to find something to help me with my cpap at night. My neighbor heard someone talking about a stand with an arm on it so I searched on the web and this is what I found. It took me two nights to get used to it and now I sleep like a baby.
I can’t believe I went so long without getting this support arm. It’s simple but effective!
Samuel T.
I love it! Makes it easier to use my CPAP.
John M
I went away for the weekend and was not able to use my CPAP stand. Boy could I feel a difference. My tubing got tangled and my mask didn’t seal as well. This stand has been a blessing. (Joe T.)
Now I don’t have my machine falling off my chair at night.