How to Determine What Length of Ramp You Need

The length and type of ramp needed will be determined by the total rise measurement and the type of mobility equipment being used. To determine the length of ramp needed, please use the following degree of inclines as your guide.

Regarding degrees of inclines. The typical maximum degrees of incline are:

For walking and for walkers – it is 4.8 degrees

For manual chairs – if they are being assisted you can usually do 7.2 degrees as a guide depending on

the person assisting ability. If they are not being assisted at all times then 4.8 degrees is the maximum

degree of incline.

For power equipment – ALWAYS check the owner’s manual for the ‘occupied degree of incline’ typically it is a maximum of 8 degrees… but always double check the owner’s manual.

Above all never exceed 9.6 degrees of incline in an occupied chair

The maximum length of a portable ramp is 10’. If the incline chart indicates a length greater than 10’ a Modular Ramp will be required.

In this section we have attached all items necessary to guide you through measuring for your ramp. In just a few minutes you will have all the measurements necessary to determine which length of ramp you will need. The most important measurement is the total rise. The length of the ramp needed is determined by the total rise (the vertical height of the area requiring a ramp) see the diagram below. If you have different grade variations please refer to the Entry Reference Worksheet to assist you with all measurements needed to determine the total rise. It is vital to choose the right ramp with the proper incline for everyone’s safety involved. Remember we are only a phone call or an e-mail away to assist you (1-855-397-2677 or ).